Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Commander's Guide - Scurrg H-6

Coming down to the end of the squadrons, finally.  Time to talk about the final rebel squadron added in Wave 2, the Scurrg H-6, which has been lovingly nicknamed the "Silly Bomber" on the FFG forums.

Well, let's dive in.

Scurrg H-6

The generic Silly Bomber shows up as the most expensive Rebel generic, tied with the YT-2400 at 16 points.  Why it is that pricey is fairly obvious though - 1 Blue and 1 Black anti-ship dice with the Bomber keyword put its damage output equal to the slower moving B-Wing.  Speed 3 means that it isn't nearly as limited as the B-Wing in terms of positioning, or dependent on the Independence title to get into range of the enemy, though it does only have 2 Blue anti-squadron and Heavy, so it can't do the close quarters defense role that the B-Wing can in a pinch.

For defense, the Scurrg has 6 hull, equal to the Y-Wing, and more importantly the Grit keyword.  Grit keeps him from being tied down by a single squadron, letting the Scurrg continue to move even if engaged.  However, Grit does not do anything for targeting like Intel/Heavy does - the Scurrg can move, but still needs to attack the engaged squadron if he wants to make his attack before moving.

Look to the Scurrg to replace your Y-Wings for better attack options per squadron activation, or to replace B-Wings for better maneuvering options.  The Scurrg works well when paired with a HWK-290 to give it the ability to fire on enemy ships without other squadrons tying it up, or with other dedicated anti-squadron fighters to engage the enemy before it approaches.  YT-2400s or A-Wings work well for covering roles like this.


Five points more than the generic Scurrg at 21 points, Nym adds a few new tricks to the Bomber.  He drops the Heavy keyword, able to hold down enemy squadrons if he needs to, and adds a pair of Braces to keep damage against him to a minimum.  The big difference though is he is the first squadron with a non-standard critical effect to go with his Bomber keyword: "Blue Crit:  If the Defender is a ship, you may chose and discard 1 of its defense tokens."

But yeah, getting a Blue crit effect on a single die roll is a 1/4 chance.  Not great odds.  But if and when it does go off, you get to chose which token.  And this is after tokens are spent.  The best way to maximize your chances of getting it though is to make sure he gets it off multiple times.  Thus, Yavaris.  Frankly, he's going to terrify your opponent in the first place, just because he could strip their tokens, hopefully forcing them into sub-optimal flying.

That's it for the Rebels.  One more squadron to go.


  1. Great article. It was made before the last waves.
    At the time of the 5th wave, Nym can be supported by Torryn Far. He's very violent and solid. Expensive squadron, I know, but he could be a great scout to prepare the arrival of a MC80 Mon Karren.