Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Team Analysis - Alderaan Choices

And the First Time Vassalers first round matchup will be against Alderaan Choices.


Ginkapo - Team Captain

Ginkapo agreed to be captain of a team, as long as it was comprised of all Rieekan commanders, and he got his wish.  A prolific poster on the forums, this is his first Vassal Tournament.  He is joined by Quadro, a veteran of the World Cup, and Viperous, another newcomer to the scene.  Currently, they are in the running with Bacta the Future for best pun in a team name.


Ginkapo - "Defiant till the End"

Command MC80 - (138 points)  - "Defiance"
- Lando Calrissian
- Engine Tech
- Quad Laser Turrets
- Leading Shots
- X17 Turbolasers
- Defiance 
Cr90 Corvette A - (84 points) - "Raymus Taintive"
- General Rieekan
- Raymus Antiles
- Taintive IV

Cr90 Corvette B -  (46 points) - "Jaina's Delight"
- SW7 Ion Batteries
- Jaina's Light

Cr90 Corvette B -  (44 points) - "Alan"
- SW7 Ion Batteries

Cr90 Corvette B - (44 points) - "Steve"
- SW7 Ion Batteries 

Squadrons:  (42 points)
- Han (26)
- Tycho (16)

Ginkapo's fleet brings a combination of 5 ship activations with Rieekan and guaranteed damage "SW-90s", though to do so he greatly sacrifices squadrons to do so.  He also only has 6 deployments, putting him roughly on par with the typical 5 ship build, and has only a 2 point bid to keep folks honest.  Defiance is his real heavy hitter of the group, though the damage potential of SW7 equiped CR90B's can't be understated.  Look for him to match up against 3 / 4 activation opponents.

Viperous - "20/20 vision"
399 / 400

MC30c Scout Frigate - (94 points) - "Foresight"
- Walex Blissex 
- Assault Proton Torpedoes
- Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 
- Foresight 

MC30c Torpedo Frigate - (90 points) - "Insight"
- Lando Callriassian 
- Ordnance Experts 
- Advanced Projectors 
- Assault Proton Torpedoes 
-  H9 Turbolasers

CR90 Corvette A - (85 points) - "Hindsight"
- General Rieekan
- Raymus Antilles
- Tantive IV

Nebulon-B Support Refit  - (65 points) "Shortsight"
- Turbolaser Reroute Circuits
- Salvation

Squadrons (66 points) 
- Dash Rendar (24)
- Han Solo (26)
- Tycho Celchu (16)

This Rieekan list by Viperous brings multiple small ships with heavy upgrades, and some heavy hitting (if small in number) elite squadrons.  Again, mostly ignoring the squadron game in favor of heavy hitting ships, this one spreads the damage potential around between two MC30cs which have two different roles.  Foresight is built to stay at range and take pot shots, while Insight is designed to rush in and unload a volley, with guaranteed accuracy from H9 Turbos.  The flagship doubles as a support ship, and Salvation rounds out the list with Turbolaser Reroutes.

Quadro - Dead Men of Dunharrow

Assault Frigate Mark II B - (116 points) "Aragon"
- General Rieekan 
- Lando Calrissian 
- Flight Controllers 
- Boosted Comms

Assault Frigate Mark II B - (82 points) "Legolas"
- Flight Controllers 
- Boosted Comms

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - (69 points) "Gimli"
- Raymus Antilles
- Yavaris

Squadrons:  (133 points)
Wedge Antilles X-wing Squadron (19)
X-wing Squadron (13)
X-wing Squadron (13)
Tycho Celchu A-wing Squadron (16)
Jan Ors Moldy Crow (19)
Scurrg H-6 Bomber (16)
Scurrg H-6 Bomber (16)
Nym Havoc (21)

Quadro's list is a standard Rebel squadron list, but with Rieekan on board.  With Wedge and Tycho able to sacrifice themselves to slow down an anti-squadron attack, the list gains a lot of flexibility.  Nym and Yavaris add a threat dynamic to the list that it otherwise doesn't have, and it has a lot of anti-squadron potential from both Yavaris and Flight Controllers.  Look for this list to match up against bomber heavy lists, particularly 2 ship Imperials, which it should out deploy (7) and activate (3).


A gimmick certainly, but a strong one.  A good balance of archetypes and experienced players.  And they drew what should be a fortuitous matchup against brand new vassal players.  If they can make a strong showing out of the gate, we may see them in the drivers seat going forward.

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