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Team Analysis - Objectionable Content

Let's jump right on in, shall we?


PT106 - Team Captain
Conscientious Objector

Another team of relative unknowns, MoffZen is the only presence on the team of a forum regular, with both Team Captain PT106 and Conscientious Objector being fairly new.  That doesn't mean they don't know how to play though, just that they are wildcards.  MoffZen's recent discussion on Black dice and how to properly utilize them is worth looking into both as an insight into his thought process and as a pretty good discussion.


PT106 - "Raiderball" 
400 / 400

Victory I-class Star Destroyer - (106 points)
 - Admiral Motti
 - Boosted Comms
 - Corrupter 

Raider II-class corvette - (56 points)
 - Ruthless Strategists
 - Impetuous

Raider I-class corvette - (53 points) 
 - Ordnance Experts
 - Expanded Hangar Bay 

Raider I-class corvette - (53 points)
 - Ordnance Experts
 - Expanded Hangar Bay

Squadrons:  (132 points)
Major Rhymer (16)
TIE Bomber x6 (54)
TIE Advanced (12)
Firespray-31 (18)
Dengar (20)
JumpMaster 5000 (12)

PT106's "Raiderball" combines lots of ship activations and carrier strategies to throw a lot of dice out in small attacks.  Coming in at 400 points exactly, it isn't going to win any initiative bids, but with 9 deployments and 4 activations, it doesn't really need to worry about getting out-deployed or first/last activated on.  The three raiders it takes are already slippery and hard enough to bring down with their Brace, and Motti adds some extra survivability in the form of an extra hull, and Corrupter anchors the line as a Boosted Comms VSD activation for speed 5 bombers.

A solid, if slightly light, list.  Look for it to abuse big gun lists that don't bring heavy fighter cover, or be offered up as an all-rounder list.

Conscientious Objector - "Baskets" 
400 points

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer -  (155 points)
 - Admiral Motti
 - Admiral Montferrat
 - Ordnance Experts
 - Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams
 - Heavy Turbolaser Turrets

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer -  (126 points)
 - Ordnance Experts
 - Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams
 - Heavy Turbolaser Turrets

Raider II-class corvette -  (56 points)
 - Ruthless Strategists
 - Impetuous

Squadrons:  (63 points)
2xTIE Fighter (16)
2xTIE Advanced (24)
Bossk (23)

A list with the tractor beams and heavy hitting to crash a gun line.  Baskets gives up activations (3), deployment (5) and initiative (400 points) to bring board control and two heavy hitters that take advantage of it.  To deal with squadrons they have a token force of TIEs and Bossk, plus a spec'd out Ruthless Strategist / Impetuous Raider II.  Both ISDs are fairly tanky with Motti onboard.

I think this list matches up best with a rebel gun line - by controlling speed and jumping it at the right time, it could do some serious damage to an Ackbar line - though it's own ships do have a lot of points invested in their respective "Baskets".

MoffZen - Imperial All Comers
400 / 400

Flagship : Imperial-II SD (180 points)
- Darth Vader
- Avenger
- Captain Needa
- Advanced Projectors
- Expanded Hangar Bays
- Heavy Turbo Laser Turrets

Gladiator-II SD (75 points)
- Expanded Launchers

Raider-II Corvette (58 points)
- Admiral Montferrat
- Ion Cannon Batteries

Squadrons:  (87 points)
- TIE Bomber x2 (18)
- "Howlrunner" (16)
- TIE Fighter x4 (32)
- IG-88 (21)

MoffZen has labeled his list "All Comers", bringing lots of II-Class ships and a moderate fighter screen.  Lacking in activations (3) and initiative bid (400) it still brings a heavy hitter in Darth Vader's Avenger, and an expanded launchers GSDII, that seems naked without Demolisher.  It does have a moderate number of deployments (7) to try and help get Vader on the board in the right spot.  Really, it feels more like a list without an identity than a true all-comers.

Look for it to match up against tough opponents and try to get good trades.


With 1200 combined points, they should always get first pick of who matches up against their opponent's first choice, but after that, they are at the whim of the other two lists.  This hurt them in the first round, as they wound up winning only one of their 2 played games, and only with a 5-5 technical win.  They hope for low scoring 2nd rounds all around, to try and get back into the fray with the bye.

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