Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Team Analysis - First Time Vassalers

As the name suggests, the First Time Vassalers are all brand new to Vassal.  Let's take a look at their fleets and see how they match up with the field.



Ianediger formed the team, after stepping up to be a captain when no one otherwise was signing up.  He's also relatively new to the FFG forums, having started posting in January of this year.  He's joined by SkyCake and Dorrin314, both of which are fairly new as well.  Will their fresh faces shake up the established Meta for this tournament?  Only time will tell.


ianediger's Fleet:
Points: 395/400

ISD-II (172 pts.)
- Motti (24 pts.)
​- Relentless ​(3 pts.)
- Captain Needa (2 pts.)
- Sensor Team (5 pts.)
- Electronic Countermeasures (7 pts.)
- SW-7 Ion Batteries (5 pts.)
- Heavy Turbolaser Turrets (6 pts.)

GSD-I (93 points)
- ​Demolisher (10 pts.)
- Wulff Yularen (7 pts.)
- Ordnance Experts (4 pts.)
- Engine Techs (8 pts.)
- Assault Concussion Missiles (8 pts.)

VSD-I (82 points)
-Director Isard (3 pts.)
- XI-7 Turbolasers (6 pts.)

Squadrons:  (49 points)
-Boba Fett (26 pts.)
-Bossk (23 pts.)

A 3 ship list with heavy upgrades and Rogue named squadrons.  It is the only list in the team that even makes a passing glance at an initiative bid, and has a fairly low deployment (4) and activation (3).  Demolisher and Motti's ISD ar both loaded for bear, with the VSD feeling like an extra activation to get the big boys into position.

SkyCake's Fleet:
​Points: 400/400

ISD-I (155 pts.)
-​ Motti (24 pts.)​
​- Wing Commander (6 pts.)
​- Boosted Comms (4 pts.)
​- Expanded Hangar Bay (5 pts.)
- Heavy Turbolaser Turrets (6 pts.)

ISD-I (131 pts.)
-​ Wing Commander (6 pts.)
-​ Boosted Comms (4 pts.)
- Expanded Hangar Bay (5 pts.)
-​ Heavy Turbolaser Turrets (6 pts.)
Squadrons: (114 pts)
Dengar (20 pts.)
​Major Rhymer (16 pts.)
2x TIE Advanced (24 pts.)
​6x TIE Bomber (54 pts.)

A Vanilla Rhymer Ball, SkyCake's fleet combines two Carrier built ISDs with 10 squadrons, all Black dice.  That's a good deal of firepower to fling at anyone.  Motti aims to keep the ISDs in the air.  There are a lot of hull for anyone to chew through on this list, but no bid means it is almost certain to be taking the worst of first / second player.  It has a moderate deployment advantage (7) but poor activation advantage and the need to keep the second ISD near the Ball means that this advantage is weaker than it could be.

​Dorrin314's Fleet:
Points: 400/400

Assault Frigate MkII B (117 pts.)
- Ackbar (38 pts.)
​- Gunnery Team (7 pts.)

MC80 Command Cruiser (128 pts.)
- H​ome One (7 pts.)
​- Engine Techs (8 pts.)
- Electronic Countermeasures (7 pts.)
CR90 Corvette A (53 pts.)
-​ Jaina's Light (2 pts.)
​- Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7 pts.)
CR90 Corvette A (51 pts.)
- Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7 pts.)

CR 90 Corvette A (51 pts.)
-​ Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7 pts.)

Here's an interesting list - no squadron, Rebel.  Half Ackbar gunline, half mini-CR90 swarm.  There's really nothing on this list that can do much to squadrons, so don't expect to see it matched up against too many Balls, but 5 activations and a ton of Red dice means that it should have some interesting games.


Bringing one of the highest total list costs in the tournament, they only lose out on first choice of matchup to Alderaan Choices and Objectionable Content.  They are definitely bringing a bit off a skew to the tournament, and no one knows how good they actually are until we see them play.

First round matchups are against Alderaan Choices for them, with the following game scheduled as of writing this article:

Dorrin314 vs. Ginkapo - Wednesday 2nd @ 1200 MST / 1900 GMT
Ianediger vs. Viperous - Friday 4th @ 1330 CST / 1930 GMT 
SkyCake vs. Quadro

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