Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Boring Conversation Anyway Youtubecast - Episode 2 - Wave 6 Preview

It's what the title says.  You get to see me and other people have bad and good opinions respectively.


  1. For the debat about Tarkin vs Leia. The princess as this going for her is that she does not give the same token to the whole fleet like Tarkin does. So I don't think there is much comparison to the two of them.
    Beside that rebels got good msu list to work with.

  2. Great show.

    The splash picture of Sloan on the official FFG site has the 24 point version now. I'm starting to think that's the real text.

    With Leia and Concentrate Fire, do you have to commit to both effects at once? If I want to add a die, do I have to decide at that time that I am also going to re-roll one die?

    1. You have always had to commit to spending both dial and token at the same time, but could chose after adding a dice whether to reroll anything or just let the token be wasted.

      Leia works that way - you declare that you are using the Concentrate Fire dial with Leia (and presumably haven't done any other commands that turn), you add a die from the dial effect, then you choose one die to reroll or choose to reroll none.