Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Writer: Truthiness!

Hey everybody! With Shmitty jumping on board, I couldn't resist joining up as well. These two bring a truly phenomenal amount to the community. I'm truly blessed they're willing to have me along for the ride. Unlike Shmitty, though, I'll be maintaining my normal blog. My Armada articles will be double posted on both blogs, while I'll use my blog to contain my occasion non-Armada rants.

Biggs follow-up:  Can't have just one!  Truthiness brings another veteran blogger name to the site, and more importantly beat me during the Martinsburg regional back in 2016.  Just a shame we couldn't get a rematch in this year.  Both myself and Shmitty are happy to have him onboard!  Look for his first article to go up with us on Monday!

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