Monday, October 17, 2016

FAQ and Tournament Rule Update - 10/17/16

Links to the documents in question:

FAQ - 10/17/16
Tournament Rules - 10/17/16

Let's take a look at the changes:



Jamming Field's official text has been changed to read "The attack must be treated as obstructed" after some clever rules lawyering uncovered that rules as written, you could chose to effectively turn off the upgrade at will.  This brings Jamming Field into line with how people (at least the people I have been talking to) have been playing it and viewed it working.

Rule Clarifications:

A large new section detailing the differences between Open Information, Derived Information (which is created from Open Information) and Hidden Information.  Essentially, Open Information is all the information that the players jointly have access to, and players must be truthful when asked about this information.  Derived Information is knowledge gleaned from the Open Information - such as score, or what damage cards may be still in a player's deck.  You can't lie about Open Information that a player may use to figure out Derived Information.

Finally, Hidden Information is all things that are not revealed to a particular player, and they can only find out that information through card effects, rules, or another player giving them that information.  Their opponent is able to lie about hidden information if asked.



Flotillas are effectively a ship the size of their base.  This may open the way to Medium base flotillas, but right now is important for clarifying how they work with Motti and Tractor Beams.


Ships that overlap another ship and "bounce back" onto the station repair after they take damage from the overlap.  That means no more blocking with 1 Hull ships.

Also dealing with overlaps, if you overlap another ship, and your ship is outside the play area, but you "bounce back" into the play area, it's all good!  Your ship is not destroyed (unless you are at 1 hull).

In addition, if a ship makes a maneuver outside of the usual maneuver phase (Quantum Storm / Engine Techs) it makes that maneuver at the printed speed of the effect (speed 1 for Quantum Storm / Engine Techs) and its current speed (and thus speed dial) do not change.


If you do not pass over a visible part of an obstacle, while measuring Line of Sight, the attack is not obstructed.  This means you can park on top of an obstacle, but cover enough of it up that you un-obstruct your shot.

Card Clarifications:


I can't help but feel like we already covered the Advanced Gunnery ruling.  I don't think this changes anything from the last one.


Admiral Montferrat's obstruction works all the time - including preventing Disengaged Fire Control ships from targeting you.

Comms Net only works during the Reveal Command Dial step of the ship that actually has the Comms Net upgrade.

Thruster Fissure does not activate when you change speed from Admiral Konstantine.  Oddly this is not discussed for either tractor beams, or G-8 Projectors.

Devastator's recovered tokens no longer count as discarded (Tagge out).

And here's the big one.  Fire Control Team does not stack XX-9s and the standard critical effect.  Which means it doesn't stack the standard critical effect and Assault Proton Torpedoes either, by the same logic.

G-8 Experimental Projectors is another big clarification.  This card reduces whatever the result of your speed change is by 1, not your current speed.  So if you are G-8'd and then speed up your ship's speed from 2 to 3, you would execute a speed 2 maneuver.  You can also G-8 an Engine Teching ship (or Quantum Storm) down to speed 0.

General Madine stacks with himself (you can use both a navigate dial and token to gain 3 total yaw) but not with Nav Team (he duplicates Nav Team's effect with his ability).

General Rieekan is confirmed not to work with ships and squadrons hanging around to score "end of round" or "end of game" scoring effects, like Contested Outpost or Fire Lanes.  You can also assign additional damage to ships and squadrons once they are destroyed, like with the Ruthless Strategists upgrade card.

Obstacles with Grav Shift Reroute only cannot overlap at their final position.  It now pushes squadrons out of the way much like a ship, so no more blocking potential obstacle locations with your squadrons.  You can rotate obstacles, but only if you stay in the distance 2 bubble.  Finally, it does work with Dangerous Territory!

MS-1 Ion Cannons can exhaust cards without exhaust effects... but they still work regardless.

Tournament Rules

Tournament Participant Roles:

If you are not currently Marshalling or Judging or Playing, you are a Spectator.  Don't give advice!

Fleet Lists:

How do you screw up which Darth Vader you are using?  Maybe future proofing for a new upgrade card or something.

Tokens / Legal Products:

Rules for using 3rd party tokens.  You can use them as long as you can figure out what they are supposed to mean.

Tournament Concepts:

Lots of talk on pairings and such.  Seems more to clarify how things have been done than add any new information.

End of Round -> Concession:

If someone concedes, destroy all their ships, than tally MOV.  The player that did not concede gets the greater of either the MOV or 8 tournament points and 140 MOV.  This allows a concession to give a 9 point or 10 point result.

Custom Structure:

Applies to Nationals, Continentals, and Worlds tournaments.

Those are the big changes.  Read up, Worlds is almost here!


  1. I assume G8 Projectors would not trigger Thruster Fissure since they don't change the dial, but the fact that Tractor Beam is not mentioned is surprising.

    The Grav Shift doesn't exactly move fighters like a ship. They are removed during the placement of the obstacle, but the other player can replace them either touching or overlapping the obstacle (their choice). Presumably you could even place the fighters in a position where they couldn't normally deploy. Perhaps you could position dangerous fighters to discourage unwanted obstacle movement? Probably not that relevant...

  2. Given the timing of dealing damage cards, you can still get two face up cards out of APT and regular damage with the Fire Control Teams.

  3. "And here's the big one. Fire Control Team does not stack XX-9s and the standard critical effect. Which means it doesn't stack the standard critical effect and Assault Proton Torpedoes either, by the same logic."

    I assume that You got it wrong
    XX9 and standard crit. eff. do not combo because they both refer to the FIRST dam. card dealt (same effect form 2 different sources). APT do not reffer to cards dealt form regular damage so it combo well with S. crit. eff. OR XX-9

  4. also I don't see those documents as "changes"- most of them seems obvious interpretations of rules; but happy anyway :)

  5. you can use both a navigate dial and token to gain 3 total yaw

    RRG states that the maximum yaw value is 2 no matter what.

  6. 3 extra yaw clicks to use over tour full move.
    So a 1,-,1 can become 2,2,1 or 2,1,2 ect...