Thursday, April 19, 2018

Accessorizing Legion

I like games.

I also like to buy shiny accessories for my favorite games.  When I buy a new board game I almost immediately check to see if The Broken Token makes a new insert for it.

So, as I am enjoying the heck out of Star Wars; Legion it seemed like time to get some new accessories for the game.  Some of that has been terrain and I have some posts coming up on my terrain building projects.  Today though I am going to focus on a couple of recent purchases.
 The first thing that I new that I wanted was a new game mat.  I have a reasonably nice, but old 6' x 4' grass gaming mat from GeoHex from my Warhammer Fantasy days.  it has been a solid mat for a long time.  But, I wanted to get something newer for Legion.  I have really grown to like the look and feel of neo-prene gaming mats over the last few years.  I have a set of FFG space mats for my X-Wing and Armada games that I use all the time.  I also have mats for Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander from DeepCut Studios that are great.  So, what is out there for Legion:
Not a fan of how busy these are.

Well, for starters FFG has announced they are making 2 different 3' x 3' neoprene mats for Legion.  While normally I am a fan of all things FFG, these don't look great to me.  I am not a fan of any mat that seems to show much in the way of 3d structure on the mat as it can be confusing.  While I am also not a fan of the seem you will get with these mats when you use 2 to make a 6' x 3' playing area.  I have Legion  played on FFG's RuneWars mats and despite the seem in the middle I like them more for Legion than the desert mats.

Pretty good for a 3' x 3' option.
So, knowing that I really wanted 6' x 3' mat I went to one of my favorite vendors, DeepCut Studios.  They have a really nice variety of 6' x 3' options.  Unfortunately, they are located in Europe, which can make shipping brutal.

So, I decided to look elsewhere.  In the end I settled on a FAT mat from Table War.
I felt like it could represent a good variety of planets.  It arrived yesterday and I am really pleased with how it looks.  I'll add some photos of it when I start showing off my terrain projects.

Whatever you choose, I can highly recommend getting some kind of neoprene mat for your Legion games.

Now that I had a place to play I needed a way to store and transport my troops around.  there's a pretty good thread going on the FFG boards about transport options.  For other games in the past I've used Battlefoam, tool boxes, plastic containers, or just the basic box the game comes in.  These all seemed like solid options for Legion, but I decided to try something new.  I grabbed one of these trays from Miniduels. 

It has enough space on top to hold an army of miniatures and the drawer under the tray is perfect for dice, cards, and counters.  The troops fit snugly enough in the cut outs that I feel like they would stay in place for a car ride to the FLGS.  Even still though I may end up magnetizing the bases and tray for additional stability.

Are any of these necessary to enjoy or play the game?  No, but it is a part of the hobby that I enjoy.

What accessories for Legion have you found so far that you really like?

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