Thursday, April 26, 2018

Some Thoughts on Legion Unit Effectiveness

After getting in a few more games of Legion in the past week I am starting to get a better feel for the strengths and weaknesses of the different units that came out with the launch of the game.

Read on to find out more...

Locally, Legion is picking up plenty of steam.  The game itself always draws a crowd when we play.   We are starting to move on from just learning the ins and outs to really getting a feel for what works and doesn't in the game.  

I am definitely finding that Imperials are much more popular than Rebels.  Although I find myself drawn to the Stormtroopers and AT-ST, I have many more games with my Rebels so far as I prefer to not play mirror matches.

AT-RT - So far I am just not impressed with the little Rebel walkers.  They look cool, which is good, but they don't seem to bring much to the table.  The Laser Cannon gives the Rebels their only current Range 4 option, but is otherwise pretty lackluster.  The Rotary Cannon is overall better, but I haven't found that its firepower is enough better than just bringing more Rebel Troopers to make it worthwhile.  I've heard of folks running them naked and just kicking the opponent.  Seems like it has potential, but mine rarely survive running around in the open for long.  While the Armor helps some, any sort of incoming fire with Impact makes pretty quick work of them.

As new units enter the game the AT-RT will be among the first thing that I drop from my Rebels.

T-47 - These I like a little more than most.  They are expensive for sure, but give the Rebels their only real option for mobility.  When I am smart and use them as a reserve I am always happy with what they do.  Their firepower is great against both vehicles and troopers.  The Tow Cable has become a no-brainer for me.  Primarily as it is a relatively cheap way to get a second shot off at just 8 points.  I don't worry too much about using it on vehicles unless the chance presents itself.  But I do find that it is an easy way to drop extra Suppression on random Trooper units as I speed past.

The T-47 has been worth it for me when I focus on the mission rather than just blowing stuff up.  It can get me firepower where I need it to be.  When it does that I win, when I just go walker hunting with it I am typically disappointed.

Speeder Bikes - So, while I have been getting good mileage out of the T-47 I think the Speeder Bikes are just so much better.  When I play Imperials I want at least 2 units of these guys.  But I see a lot of Imperial players getting them killed in the second turn of the game.  Stay mission focused and these guys should be awesome.  Try not to run out in front of the rest of your force, but use them as a reserve to get firepower where it is needed.

Ion Troopers - I keep using these and still don't know how I feel about them.  The actual ion effect is really powerful and does help hinder opposing vehicles.  The 2 red dice are worthwhile when shooting at troops too.  The need to Reload these things is what hurts the most.  It's not that reloading is hard, its losing the chance to move or aim when you want to shoot it that hurts.  These do love the condition card that lets them deploy in the second turn.  I think the Ion weapons that come with the Storm Troopers will be a little better with Veers as he can help them Reload or Aim as needed.

Luke - Luke is just good.  He's a really great deal, even at 160 points.  The courage of 3 keeps troops from running and I find that all 3 of his command cards are useful throughout the game.  He can pretty easily remove a squad of troops holding an objective and is only really slowed down when he runs into Vader.  Which leads to...

Double Commanders - I have played with a Luke/Leia led force once and it really has me believing that double commanders will be the way to go.  Commanders count as Troopers for objective play, hit as hard as a full squad, and offer so much support to your whole force.  I even think Vader/Veers will be a legit combo (as long as you don't bring an AT-ST).



  1. Thanks for your thoughts - I found myself nodding a lot as I read. I have been playing with naked ATRTs and while I think I have a long way to go in learning how to use them, the lack of Charge and/or locking other units in melee makes them a bit ignorable.

    I happen to dislike the models, so will definitely be dropping them in the future :)

    I like your thoughts on the speeder. It seems really fragile and expensive, but that's also true of speeder bikes and they wreck face when they flank. I'll have to give them a try!

  2. I run 3 AT-rt's every game with rotary blasters. They are for sure my ViP's in each game. Not only do the soak up a lot of shots that would normally be killing troopers but they delete half a unit each turn each. I run luke, 5 troops and 3 at-rts. My air speeder always died on turn 2 because everyone wanted to focus as much as possible on it to the point they would worry about objectives after it was dead. With the AT-RT's and 5 troops thats 40 black dice, 12 white and 4 red with my current load out. Last game I took out all 3 stormtrooper squads even with heavy cover on the first turn leaving just an atst, veers and a couple bikes to deal with for 5 turns.

    1. I am inclined to agree with the AT-RT. I think the best use of them is to anchor a flank with either Rotary Blasters or as a shock team with multiple flamers. They work best in either pairs or as a 3 unit wolfpack. With Crit surges they do a surprising amount of damage to things trying to hide behind heavy cover.

      Plus I get to make a "BRRRRRRRT" noise when I roll the dice with them.

    2. And I actually got worked over by a Flamer equipped ATRT yesterday. I am sure they are good, and I am just bad at using them.