Monday, May 7, 2018

Heading to GenCon (Biggs Edit: Surprise! It's our 400th post!)

While Biggs (and the rest of the cool kids) were at FFG HQ for Worlds, I was at home signing up for events for this year at GenCon.  Aside from playing in a couple of tournaments and checking out some new board games I am hoping to use my press credentials from this blog to get a few interviews.

Here's what I'll be up to:

Wednesday - FFG has moved their In-Flight Report from its traditional Friday afternoon slot to Wednesday evening.  This is where they typically announce their new board, miniature, and role-playing games releases.  I have been able to attend once, but found that the time would often conflict with other events that I wanted to attend.  There would also always be a bunch of empty slots in the display cases at FFG's booth until after the report when they would get filled, causing a huge rush of folks there to check them out.

The new Wednesday evening slot is great as it fixes both of those issues.  I have my passes ready to go and assuming my flight isn't delayed I will be able to report on the latest FFG news as the con gets going.

Thursday - Thursday I usually reserve for just wandering around the exhibit hall.  And a lot of shopping.  I will be grabbing the X-Wing 2.0 core set and upgrades along with whatever else FFG has to offer, likely a new Legion release or two.  Hopefully I can track down an FFG rep or two for an interview.  Then it will be time to hit a few of my favorite booths to see what's new.

Once my shopping is done I am going to sit in on a session of Dawn of the Rebellion and play some Terra-forming Mars with a friend.

Friday - I signed up to play in one of the SW: Legion Maximum Firepower tournaments.  Rather than a North American Championships like they run for their other games, FFG is running three, 32 player Legion events.  I will be interested to see what the prizes look like, but mostly I am going to play this out of curiosity.  How will a semi-major Legion tournament even look or run?  This will be the place to find out.  It will also be a great place for rules clarifications.  I recall playing in the first Armada tournament at GenCon (back in the 300 point days).  The number of rules clarifications that I got from the judges/designers were really helpful.

The other question that I will have to figure out is "what does a tournament level Legion army even look like?"  Other than the general sense that I need 2 commanders I don't really know.

Saturday - This is where I get my 3rd chance to play in the North American Armada Championships.  I am pretty excited even though the field will be much smaller this year.  There is only one day of qualifications this time with the Top 4 players on Saturday coming back to play again Sunday morning.

Anyone want to meetup for dinner and drinks afterwards on Saturday?

Sunday - While I hope to be playing Armada there is no guarantee I would make the cut.  But I will still be there to check out the games while I will also be playing in the Lord of the Rings LCG event.

Sunday is also a great day for shopping as many vendors start to heavily discount things so that they don't have to take them home.

GenCon is just 85 days away and I can't wait.

Biggs Edit:  Damn it Shmitty, this is supposed to be a big post on how it's our 400th article and you wasted it on prize support for an event 85 days away you're going to blow by bringing some sub-par commander and Hammerheads because all the cool kids are bringing hammerheads or something.


  1. Potentially pencil us in for that Saturday evening dinner.... We'll have to drive back to Chicago afterwards, so we won't be TOO late, but we can grab SOME food for sure.

  2. If I'm there, I'll be in for drinks Saturday night.

  3. Is there any swag handed out during the in flight report? I missed out on the event sign up and it's already filled up :(