Friday, January 27, 2017

Corellian Conflict - Pittsburgh Round 2

The Empire is on the defensive!  Rebel victories a Raider's Point and Polanis has brought fresh rebel organizations into the fight, while the Imperial's own assault on Selonia Outpost was pushed back.   It is a dark time for the Empire, who is committed to turning things around with an offensive onslaught.

State of the sector, start of Turn 2.

Darth Vader decided the best way to stem the tide was to bring a Show of Force directly at Phemis, a small system without a lot of natural resources that never-the-less had a large supply of stored munitions that could be brought into the Imperial fold.  Commander Sato, with a spynet alert of the attack, was sent to ensure Vader would not be able to enact his plans.

Meanwhile, the Rebellion was not sitting idle.  General Madine was tasked, with Darth Vader already deployed, to hit the Empire where they would feel it - Corellia herself.  He would be opposed by Motti, who had constructed an extra fighter defense for the local garrison.

General Dodonna would hold out at the outpost at Selonia, and wait for the word to support Corellia, but that not to happen!  The Imperials were convinced that seizing the core systems were necessary, and launched another raid upon the outpost trapping Dodonna there!  Madine would be on his own against Motti, and Dodonna would be in for a fight to hold onto the shipyards there.

Imperials had 1 banked / 1 new skilled spacers - used 0.
Rebels used diplomats on Vagran and Crash's Drift.
Dodonna and Sato received spynet tokens, though Sato did not use his.

Initial Results:

Selonia results delayed due to scheduling (in depth report to come after next Wednesday).  This is the game I will have personally played.

Vader's show of force was repulsed with losses to both sides, but with complete destruction of both stations in the sector.  While the Rebellion "Won" the fight, the Empire got the majority of the prize.  (+80 Resources Imperial / +40 Resources Rebel)

Corellia was hard fought, but ultimately the Empire and Motti were able to win the day, tossing Madine back in defeat.  (+1 Campaign Imperial)


  1. All to play for in the campaign! I played defence against a Rebel Hyperlane Raid today. Really struggled, and got my butt handed to me by Commander Sato. Would be interesting to get your views on how to tackle that mission!

    1. The Imperials I see that are "winning" Hyperlane Raid are turtling, and not going for the Player One objectives. Not sporting, but if they don't get much for winning and losing their ships is a premium, they are kind of forced to fly defensively.

    2. Sadly, that is the conclusion my friend and I came to after the game. At least I know for next time! Feels a bit gamey, but then as second player you are on defense duty really.

    3. On the other hand I feel like Show of Force is really tipped in favor of the Imperials walking off with a wrecked fleet but 80 resources minimum.