Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Commander's Guide - Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft

Oh, look.  The rebels get what the Firespray should have been!  Wait a second.  2 days of Rebels in a row?  Why could that be...

Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft - 15 points

Did I mention this is what the Firespray should have been?  Speed 4, Hull 4, Anti-Squadron 3 Blue, Anti-Ship 1 Black Bomber die.  Grit and Rogue.  So not only is it a better Firespray, it is a better Scurrg.  Well, kinda.  Less average damage (though the same maximum as the Firespray), and less hull than both.  But no Heavy (Scurrg) and so much cheaper with Grit (Firespray) means that it should find room in a lot of Bomber based lists.

Ketsu Onyo - 22 points

Gonna be honest, I have no clue who this is.  Looks like a Star Wars Rebels character that I forgot about, or a Clone Wars character that I never cared about because Season 1 Clone Wars is bad and I tar the entire series with that brush.

Anyways, similar stat line and keywords, going to 2 Blue anti-ship dice being the only meaningful change.  Adds a Brace and a Scatter!  But by far the biggest draw is the special ability:  When an enemy is at distance 1, its speed is reduced by 2 to a minimum of 1.  Guess who is our new Anti-Intel friend?  Speed 4 means you can get all up in their face, and Rieekan means they can't get rid of you so easily.


  1. Ketsu Onyo is the friend/rival of Sabine in rebels (s2 e6).

  2. The X-Wing miniatures version of Ketsu likes the play tricks with tractor beams, hence her ability to slow people down here.

  3. Love your site and I really appreciate all the work you do helping us casual players keep up on the tournament scene and on the new ships. I am just going to make a little plug for clone wars. Yea season one is lackluster but it's got 7 seasons for a reason. It really is a fantastic show and it has some of the best moments in Star Wars history (season 3 has the most epic 3 episode planetary invasion ever)

  4. So it's basicly a rouge A-wing?