Thursday, January 5, 2017

Commander's Guide - E-Wings

Time to talk about another new feature of Wave 5, the Snipe keyword.  We already discussed it to a point in Corellian Conflict's TIE Interceptor, but now we see the Rebel variant, and it comes on a generic!

E-Wing Squadron - 15 Points

A hearty stat-line of 4 speed, 5 hull, 4 Blue Anti-squadron, and 1 Red Anti-Ship (+ Bomber).  So, a slightly faster X-Wing, without Escort.  Worth the extra 2 points just for that?  Maybe not, but it does add the Snipe 3, letting it spit out 3 dice at squadrons out to Range 2.  It is generic, so a critical amount of these can splash your enemies Intel squadrons, and Speed 4 is plenty fast enough to be where you need to be to do the job.

Now the drawback is that Snipe 3 gives you an average damage of just 1.5 per squadron - meaning you'll need 3 to reasonably drop a single Intel squadrons, or at least 4 to drop the named Intel squadrons, and that is 60 points for 4 squadrons.

Corran Horn - 22 Points

No change to the stat-line.  The difference is an added 2 Brace tokens for defense, as well as the Rogue key-word, and an increase to Snipe 4.  Both of which are pretty darn good, putting him up with Dash in terms of ability to do damage and slip away to safety.

Plus, with him and Toryn Farr, you can get away sniping with just him and another E-Wing to take out Intel ships.  Without using him for Snipe, he is still worth it compared to other elite pilots thanks to the Rogue keyword.

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