Monday, January 9, 2017

Commander's Guide - VCX-100 Freighter

It's about time to talk about the Rebel's version of the Lambda Shuttle - the VCX-100 Freighter, and the Ghost / Hera Syndulla elite version of that squadron.

VCX-100 Freighter - 15 points

A similar stat line to the Lambda shuttle - Speed 3, Hull 8, Anti-Squadron of 3 Blue and Anti-Ship of 1 Blue.  In exchange for that 2 extra hull though, the VCX gets Relay 1 instead of 2, but keeps the Heavy and Strategic.  Having only Relay 1 is a fairly decent restriction on what the squadron is there for compared to the Lambda-Class Shuttle, but it can still do good work with the Strategic keyword and its increased hull means you have less to worry about if it is engaged or near enemy ships.

As it is the Rebel's only source of Strategic, look for it to make its way into a lot of fighter compliments.

Hera Syndulla - 28 points

More expensive than Han Solo is not usually a positive thing.  That being said, Hera does have a similar stat line:  Speed 3, Hull 8 (+1 over Han), Anti-Squadron of 2 Blue / 2 Black, and Anti-Ship of 1 Blue / 1 Black (no Bomber).  Like Han, she has Grit and Rogue.  But while Han is all about timing your perfect shot with him (either first before anything else, or late in the squadron phase), Hera is about improving your non-Rogue squadrons.  Into Rogue squadrons.  Specifically, she takes 2 friendly squadrons and distance 1-2 and gives them Rogue until the end of the round.

Adar Tallon likes this.  X-Wings like this.  B-Wings like this.  Luke / Wedge / Dutch like this.  Tycho likes this.  Scurggs like this.  CR-90 / MC-30 lists like this.  Basically any list that has more squadrons than you would reasonably expect the used Squadron value to be loves Hera.  Even at 28 points, she is worth it for the free Rogues, because she is almost worth it for the stat line alone.

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